Project ID:

Location: Middle East
Year: 2006
Description: Effluent Tertiary Treatment after biological treatment plant for Unlimited Irrigation
Goal: Reduce BOD, TSS and Turbidity
Capacity: 23 m3/hr
Water Source: Secondary Effluent

The Problems:

  • The plant produces between 400-500 m³ of waste water per day and sends for irrigating a nearby wild area.
  • The run-off water from such unlimited irrigation affects the environment.
  • According the Department of Health and Environment, water for unlimited irrigation must go through tertiary treatment process to achieve required water quality standards.
ParameterExisting ValuesRequired Value
Turbidity (NTU) 50 < 3
BOD (PPM) 30 < 10
TSS (PPM) 30 < 10

Technical Solution:

The following processes were carried out:

  • Oxidation with sodium hypochlorite to reduce the organic load and disinfect the system.
  • Pre-filtration with Arkal Spin Klin unit , OPAL 3x2”, 130 μ.
  • AFM® - Catalytic Media filtration with coagulation.
  • Final disinfection with sodium hypochlorite , including ½ hr detention time.


ParameterRequired ValueBefore treatmentAfter treatment
Turbidity (NTU) 3 50 2
BOD (PPM) 10 30 10
TSS (PPM) 10 30 10
  • The system is completely automatic with a minimum of maintenance.
  • The system was certified for unlimited irrigation.
  • The customer saves expensive potable water for irrigation and can irrigate the surrounding gardens with the treated water.

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